Monetary Resources

Sometimes we find ourselves in a position where what we need most is a helping hand in the form of cash, whether that is for groceries, rent, or starting up a small business. There is nothing wrong with needing some help to get back on your feet and you should never feel embarrassed about it, especially when your or your family’s health and well-being are concerned. Do not hesitate to ask for help up out of your situation. Welfare Information is a fantastic resource for finding federal and local assistance by state and nearest city as well as information on where to get help for a wide variety of needs. Please keep in mind that if you are in immediate need and cannot wait for an office to open or an application to be approved, local churches and food banks can be a terrific resource to get you through.

If your situation is one in which you need funding to begin a service project or perhaps start your own business, grants are often a great place to begin. It can be quite difficult to navigate the funding available for women, and the federal opportunities are frequently thought of as the only grants to be had. Not so! Check out Grants for Women for help locating resources appropriate to your situation.



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