Watch What You Pray For

Have you ever been in the throes of emotional turmoil and cried out to God in desperation? Of course, we all have. Do you ever stop to think about some of those rash prayers sent to the Throne Room? I mean truly evaluate them? I have learned to stop letting my lips run wild in prayer because sometimes God gives you exactly what you pray for.

Have you ever pestered your parent until they said Fine! Have it your way! I have. I firmly believe that God has a very dry sense of humor and for amusement, from time to time, He sits back and says Alright. You think you know best. Have it your way. And then He gives us exactly what we pray for.

Let me take you back to Autumn 2002. My daughter was a year and half old and my young heart had already been put through the paces (which you can read about here). I began dating a guy I had known for a while and I thought for sure he would be my proverbial knight in shining Honda Civic. After just a few short months, our relationship ended abruptly without warning. I was devastated and confused. I knew that I couldn’t keep parading men through my daughter’s life. So somewhere in the wee hours of the morning through a train wreck of tissues and melted mascara, this broken lump of a young woman cried out to her Father. Driven by heartbreak and lack of sleep, I prayed words I will never forget: No more, God. Not another man in my life until it is the one you choose!

I went to sleep that night repeating that refrain. I poured my heart out in prayer retelling all of the done-me-wrongs that I had endured and how I gave up trying to find someone on my own. I mean, God loves me, so I can trust him to find me a suitable mate, right?

Fast forward a few years. Still single. Still trusting God to bring the right man along in the right timing, but I was beginning to wonder if God forgot about me. I had moved to a different state, met new people, joined a new church… c’mon. What’s the hold up?

I turned 30 as a single woman. I can’t speak for everywhere, but in my section of the Midwest, if you are 30 and never married, you are branded a spinster. I was so tired of the why aren’t you married? questions. People were trying to set me up with, well, just about anybody, which was humiliating. I would’ve started adopting cats except I don’t like them. Even my daughter was hounding me about why I didn’t have a boyfriend. It was sad and depressing and I was haunted by the words I spoke 6 years earlier.

Wedding Rings

Yes. Six. Years. Not even a single date. I had no idea when I sobbed that desperate plea to my Father that he would have me wait six long years.

But he had to wait that long. It took me that long to be ready for that man he was bringing me. I had to strengthen my faith, build my relationship with Christ, and start letting go of baggage from my past. God had his work cut out for him when it came to this heart.

I had pretty much given up the idea of a relationship when my husband strolled into my life. In fact, I didn’t even know he was trying to ask me out. Because, let’s face it, after six years you assume that nobody is trying to ask you out.

So dear friends, the moral of the story is this: sometimes God gives you exactly what you ask for, so be careful about what prayers you let fly off your lips. Give it an honest assessment. What could that answer end up looking like? What if it takes longer than I assume? What if I have to change in the mean time? What if it isn’t as great as I currently think it will be?

Have you ever been given exactly what you prayed for? Did it turn out the way you thought it would? I would love to hear your story!

Abide in His Grace,


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