Let’s Be Real Here

I can’t stand it. I mean I really can’t stand it. The pressure for a Christian woman to be the epitome of perfection is suffocating. All of these images of thin, beautiful women in nice, fancy homes that all have the time to work out, homeschool their children, make cookies for the church bake sale, keep the house sparkling, are always on top of laundry, never have a negative word to say to anyone, whip up three home-cooked meals each day, and of course, at the end of this exhausting day, she always has the energy and the desire to make love to her husband – it makes me crazy! Why do we put such pressure on ourselves? Am I the only one who can’t do it all? When I try, I’m not pleasant to be around. At. All.

I am tired of putting on a big yep-I’ve-got-it-all-together-what’s-the-matter-with-you smile. I don’t have it all together by any means. And you don’t either. Which is why one of the worst things that can happen to a new Christian woman is having the Proverbs 31 woman forced down her throat. Listen, we are all damaged goods. It is that very fact that drives us to the mercy and grace found at the cross of Christ. If we could “get right” in any capacity, we wouldn’t need Jesus. Now, hear me out on this one because that is not license to continue being a wretch. No ma’am, when you commit yourself to the Lord, there is some serious behavior modification that must start taking place immediately. What I am saying is that this is all a process. We are all in different places on the holiness spectrum, and we need to treat each other with kindness when we encounter someone who is a bit further behind in a certain area than we are.

So here’s the deal: I am going to be totally straight forward with you guys in my struggles, and in return, I expect you to be honest with me about your own. We can learn from each other, build each other up into stronger women, and give hope to the other wretches like us that sometimes don’t get showered and dressed until mid-afternoon. Will you join me on this journey? Think of what could happen if we were… real.

Abide in His Grace,



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